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Copia News and Entertainment

We provide a custom Digital News and Entertainment vehichle that enables you to be a profitable business owner in your city!


We provide a full Mobile side to your Digital News and Entertainment vehichle optimized for all mobile devices!


We also provide the "know how" to run your News and Entertainment vehichle.  This would include networking in your community as well as online socialnetworking through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.


Your Digital News and Entertainment business is completely turnkey!


Who Would Buy a Copia News and Entertainment digital media license?

Anyone looking to invest in a proven, profitable growth business

Anyone interested in the exciting, highly rewarding media industry

Anyone who wants to work in digital magazines but doesn’t want to start on the bottom rung of the media ladder

Anyone who is seeking the ultimate in flexible working conditions (I run my digital media magazine from my home office)

Anyone who wants a greater work/life balance, spending more time with family or wants a more rewarding career

Anyone who would like to build a business which could pay for their retirement

Anyone who would like to enjoy the lifestyle that digital media brings (product tests, free holidays, free meals for restaurant reviews & more!)

Anyone who wants to be better rewarded for their hard work and efforts

Anyone who wants to experience more fulfilling daily work

Anyone who wants to determine their own hours, their own holidays and their own days off.Anyone who wants to be know in the community.


Who is Eligible to own a Digital Magazine?

Almost anyone...

To run your own digital magazine you need:

No publishing experience (our system is designed for anyone to operate) – experience in the media sector is good but not required.

Good communication and sales skills – you need to relate well to local businesses and their owners.

Energy and drive


Becoming a successful digital magazine publisher at its core, is a pretty simple business to understand. You create a vehicle – your digital magazine –through which to entertain, inform, educate or provoke people. If enough of the people you’re entertaining, informing, educating or provoking are coming back for more on a regular basis then you have the opportunity to charge companies for the chance to tap into your readership with commercial messages.

Print - Printing a magazine can be extremely costly. - Copia News and Entertainment is ALL digital - NO print costs.

Content - paying writers can be costly. Copia News and Entertainment is a news agregator and provides links to already estalished content.

Design - This is where Copia News and Entertainment fits in  - We design and manage your entire digital media site for one low monthly price!

So... Copia News and Entertainment takes all the negatives out of the equation,  enabling you to do prifitable work!

Sell advertising, promote your business and have fun in your community!


What Can I Earn Running My Own Digital Magazine?

The Copia News and Entertainment license is built on a profit system that should enable you to earn fulltime income.

If you are able to sell, your digital magazine could be profitable with in the first month or two.

It's your business, you can charge what ever you want to make as much as you want!  For simplicity, let's assume you have at least 20 pages, and on those 20 pages you have 5 ad spaces, which you sell for $100 per month.That equals $500 per page per month x 20 pages =  $10,000 per month, and this is largely residual! (meaning that if you sign longer term contracts you dont have to sell every month!)

There are a lot of other ways to generate income as well!  Creativity is key!  Sky is the limit!


What will it cost to own a Digital Magazine?

Copia News and Enteratinment provides your entire web presence as well as consulting you on marketing and promoting your business in your community for as little as $1000.00 per mo.

In the begining you will need to promote your digital magazine to get traffic to ensure businesses are willing to advertise so Copia News and Entertainment HIGHLY recommends that you have some reserve cash to promote your digital magazine in your community through radio, TV, sponsorships etc. Once your digital magazine in established you should not have additional expenses. is a perfect example!


Contact us to Start your own Digital Magazine TODAY!


Daryll Bryant

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